Amateurs, professionals and students of all ages are welcome to the music encounters at the vinery in Piavon. Most of the amateurs are of middle or high levels of playing.

Sufficient pianos are available and you can practice until late at night.

You should study your pieces beforehand. Several concerts "Note e sapori" take place in the Agriturismo or in a villa, in which you can present a piece you further worked on (no obligation).

Practicing an instrument is equally concentration and relaxation and a way to find the center of yourself. You will be happy with the agreeable concentration, music inspiration and progress made.

Additionally you can enjoy Italian food and wine in the company of other musicians, calmness and a beautiful wine region between the Alpes and the Mediterranian Sea.

Partners, children and friends, who do not play an instrument, are also invited to stay at the Agriturismo Rechsteiner.

Masterclass Chamber Music with preformed groups
for advanced amateurs and music students
with Prof. Rolf-Dieter Arens
6 lessons
Final concert in the framework of the open days for wineries in Veneto on 26th May (cantina aperta)
970 EURO
Languages: English, German and Russian

Masterckass Piano with Sergej Lechtchenko
for piano students and advanced amateurs
6 lessons
Final concert on 13th July 2019
1070 EURO (lessons included)

Summer Course for PIano
with Meira Smailovicz
for music students and amateurs of all levels
6 lessons
Final concert on 24th August 2019
970 EURO